FAQ - Light Bright Smile
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Our Company

We are Atlanta’s premier cosmetic teeth whitening spa. We offer unparalleled luxury in a serene setting. Light Bright Smile combines years of expertise and knowledge with a highly trained and experienced team. Our cutting-edge technology and inviting ambiance ensure that our clients receive the most exquisite experience.

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Our Story

Light Bright Smile started as a mobile teeth whitening business. Before we knew it, the demand overcame the supply. We couldn’t possibly service the entire Metro City of Atlanta on four wheels. So we designed a state of the art relaxing teeth whitening spa in a swanky environment. Welcome to The Smile High Club.

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Our Promise

We promise to provide the highest level of satisfaction. We will provide expert advice for your treatment and after care. We will ensure that the treatment you desire is performed by a qualified specialist. We deliver proven, safe results and a beautiful smile. We promise you will leave happy and we promise you WILL come back.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do we whiten your teeth?
Cosmetic Teeth Whitening is an oxidation process that whitens your teeth by removing current stains. It does not “add” whitening to your teeth. Your teeth cannot get whiter than they were when your permanent teeth came in as a child. If you have veneers, composite (white) fillings, implants or other synthetic tooth structures, the whitening gel will remove surface stains, but their base color will remain as they were when installed. If your natural teeth are grayish in color, have discoloration, or are stained from drugs (like tetracycline), your teeth may require multiple treatments to achieve satisfactory results.

2. How does our home Teeth Whitening Kit work?
A whitening gel is placed inside the mouthpiece that fits over both top and bottom teeth. The active ingredient in the gel is an intensified Carbamide Peroxide. As the gel breaks down, it goes through an oxidation process which will start to break down and remove the existing stains on your teeth. The structure of the tooth does not change; only the tooth color is made lighter and whiter. The saliva from your mouth will mix with the gel to ensure the back and sides of your teeth will whiten as well.

3. Is whitening safe for your teeth?
Our extensive research and clinical studies have shown that our plant based mineral gel is safe for the enamel, teeth and gums.

4. Who can benefit from teeth whitening?
Everyone will notice a difference after using our services, but results will vary. Remember, whitening your teeth brings back your OWN natural whiteness. Your teeth will never be whiter than their natural state.

5. How does our Teeth Whitening Kit differ from other teeth whitening products?
Most companies use gels containing intensified Hydrogen Peroxide and the product is ONLY placed across the front of the teeth. Results will show that the teeth are lightened on the front surface. Whitening does not react behind the teeth or to the back teeth. Our Whitening Kit comes equipped with a mouthpiece that allows the peroxide based gel to mix with your saliva. This ensures both the sides and the back of your teeth receive exposure to the gel.

6. How long will whitening results last?
Our whitening treatments generally last several months. Heavy exposure to coffee, smoking, red wine, and some medicines will gradually re-stain teeth over time. We suggest a quarterly touch-up to remove new stains.

7. How will whitening affect spots on my teeth?
These spots (mineral deposits or calcification) usually respond to the whitening process at a different rate than the rest of the tooth. The spots may seem more prominent after the first hours of whitening. Although the spots may not disappear entirely, they should become less noticeable and blend in.

8. Why do teeth become discolored?
There are several causes of tooth discoloration. The most common causes are: genetics, aging, food and beverages (coffee, tea, sodas, sugary foods), smoking, tetracycline (medicine) staining, and excessive fluoride.

9. How long is the teeth whitening session?
We offer teeth whitening sessions in 20 minute, 40 minute and 60 minute intervals.

10. How white will my teeth get?
Teeth Whitening is like a suntan. Some people will achieve optimal whitening within the first 20 minutes. Others may  require two or three sessions. Each person who whitens their teeth will see improvement. The shade of your teeth will be determined by the amount of time the teeth are exposed to the whitening gel and the mineral composition of your teeth.

11. What role does the LED (blue) light play?
The LED light aids in breaking down the hydrogen peroxide and helps the solution penetrate the surface of the tooth by opening the pores. A study has shown that the use of the LED light increases the effectiveness of the whitening gel by 46% or more.

12. Do you clean the mouth piece between sessions?
Yes, you will rinse out both your mouth and mouthpiece before re-applying gel and starting your next session.

13. When should you do back to back whitening sessions?
A whitening session is 20 minutes long. For your initial whitening treatment, you will do three whitening sessions back to back for a total of 60 minutes. We do not recommend you exceed 3 sessions in one week due to possible sensitivity to your gums and teeth. After reaching your desired level of whitening, you should complete one to two sessions quarterly to remove new stains and renew your beautiful smile.

14. Why are there white spots on my teeth after treatment?
This is normal and is not permanent. The oxidation process is working with the hydrogen peroxide to break apart the stain. These spots will disappear within the hour.

15. Why is part of my gum white?
A slight blanching (or whitening) of the gums is common and normal. This is a temporary reaction due to the antiseptic nature of hydrogen peroxide and is not harmful to your teeth or gums. Blanching usually disappears within 30 minutes of treatment.

16. Do you guarantee your product?
We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Most people will notice a difference in the shade of their teeth after the first treatment. There will be vast differences in everyone’s starting shade and tooth condition. We are confident in our product and we guarantee you will notice a pleasing and visible difference in the color of your teeth or we will refund your money.

17. How old do you need to be to whiten your teeth?
We recommend children be over the age of 17 to use our products and services. It should not to be used on baby teeth, and young adults should be supervised by an adult while performing the home treatment to ensure they follow the instructions.

18. Can I have my teeth whitened if I am pregnant?
Yes, our plant-based mineral gel is safe for pregnant women.

19. Is teeth whitening only performed by dentists?
No. The FDA has approved the use of peroxide for over-the-counter self-administrated teeth whitening use. We do recommend you visit the dentist on a regular basis.

20. Are there any side effects?
Some people experience a tingling sensation, minor sensitivity or tooth pain. Side effects are minimal and will not last more than 24 hours.

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